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Only the highest quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products and engineered air polution and odor control equipment carry the Perry Fiberglass name. We can either build to your specifications or design a turn-key system based on your needs.

We offer design services including engineering assistance and well as technical support.


FRP Ductwork
Perry Fiberglass offers FRP ductwork for corrosive environments as well as HVAC applications.


Carbon Adsorbers
Our horizontal, vertical and radial flow carbon adsorbers are your solutions to a highly effective system for removing hydrogen sulfide (H2s), mercaptans and VOCs from municipal wastewater applications. In addition, Perry Fiberglass offers a dry media chlorine adsorber and ammonia adsorber which utilizes our sodium thiosulfate impregnated media and our phosphoric acid impregnated media.

carbon adsorbers

Chemical Scrubbers
Perry Fiberglass offers chemical scrubbers, also know as gas scrubbers, that are efficient and effectively designed to remove impurities out of the gas stream typically by absorption. In addition, our scrubbers are engineered to suite a specified application or space constraint.

chemical scrubbers

Biofilters / Biological Filters
Biofilters / biological filters are a pollution control system using living micro-organisms to capture and biologically degrade pollutants. Our engineered systems is the foundation of a clean envionment.

biofilters-biological filters

Air Strippers / Degasifiers
We offer both single and multi-stage air strippers / degasifiers. Our engineered systems are specific to each project.

air strippers-degasifiers

Grease Filter / Mist Eliminators (Pre-Filters)
We offer two types of horizontal and vertical flow grease filter and mist eliminators. Our grease filter and mist eliminators prevent mist and grease from entering downstream treatment equipment.

grease filter-mist eliminators

FRP Stacks
We offer FRP stacks built to nearly any height and diameter to meet your exhaust compliance needs. Choose from several configurations based on your installation requirements.

frp stacks

FRP Dampers
We offer several types of AMCA certified FRP dampers including control, balancing, ultra low leakage, zero leakage, back draft, inlet guide vane, blast gates and pressure relief dampers.

frp dampers

FRP Piping
Our FRP pipe is designed and fabricated to meet many different pressure classes including gravity fed, 50 psi, 100 psi, 150 psi and higher.

frp piping

FRP Tanks
FRP tanks from Perry Fiberglass feature quality engineering and craftsmanship combined with the outstanding properties of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Save time and money over the service life of your tank when you choose long-lasting, professionally-designed FRP tanks from the experts at Perry Fiberglass.

frp tanks

FRP Brine Tanks
Perry Fiberglass FRP brine tanks are used in a variety of applications such as water softening, food processing, municipal water treatment and other applications.

frp brine tanks

We offer FRP enclosures for sound adsorption and equipment protection.


We offer a broad range of AMCA certified fans for any corrosive application with time-tested, reliable performance and long-lasting durability.


Custom / OEM Fabrications
We private label / OEM many different FRP products for some of the largest companies in North America.

custom-oem fabrications

Replacement / Spare Parts Supply
Perry Fiberglass offers a wide range of quality parts for your equipment. We also supply replacement parts for non-Perry products.

replacement-spare parts supply

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