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FRP Stacks

Perry Fiberglass designs and manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) stacks for a variety of industries including municipal odor control, chemical exhaust, pulp and paper, and mining. FRP stacks from Perry Fiberglass offer a number of advantages over traditional concrete and metal stacks, including superior corrosion resistance, relatively light weight, and ease of installation. We can engineer a stack for your specific application taking all design criteria into account including wind and seismic loads. Stacks can be designed to be either free standing or supported by guy wires and can be shipped in a single piece or multiple sections which can be joined in the field. Field joints can be either wet lay-up or flanged.

Perry stacks can be fitted with lights, grounding systems, complete ladder systems, guy wires, and support rings along with many other accessories to meet the customer requirements.

Diameters of Perry Fiberglass’ FRP stacks and FRP stack liners range from 2" - 168". Rectangular sizes are available as required for your projects.

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2 FRP Stacks manufactured and designed by Perry Fiberglass

Raising 45’ freestanding FRP stack

Placement of 45’ freestanding FRP stack

Detail of 45’ freestanding stack base

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