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FRP Dampers

Perry Fiberglass offers engineered AMCA (outsourced) and non AMCA Certified FRP dampers utilizing only highly corrosion resistant parts for air movement and controls. Dampers can be built-in or flanged for easy removal. Both types are fire retardant, corrosion resistant, and UV protected. Additionally, exotic and corrosion resistant elastomers such as viton, Teflon (PTFE), hypalon, or EPDM may be selected depending on the process. Dampers can be equipped with hand locking quadrants, hand wheels, electric or pneumatic actuators, or chain wheels.

    What type of dampers does Perry Fiberglass manufacture?
  • Isolation / Control Dampers
  • Zero-Leak Dampers
  • Volume / Balancing Dampers
  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Inlet Vane Dampers
  • Pressure Relief Dampers
  • Blast Gates

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Perry Fiberglass Control Damper

Perry Fiberglass Control Damper

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